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Introduction and optimization of platforms and tools to enhance efficiency and differentiation for recruitment of job candidates and interim professionals.

Umon aims to secure a strong niche position in the evolving market of highly educated and seasoned professionals for the public sector.

With people knowledge, data, and the drive to nurture relationships, UMON's ambition is to foster the growth of organizations and talent. Umon embraced a platform to support this goal and foster ongoing relationships with candidates throughout their career lifecycles.

"Keeping the unique human touch while automating core processes will lead to enhanced service and increased efficiency"

Martin Staats
Algemeen Directeur & Partner Umon

Making it happen

With a focus on improving relevant candidate and customer experience, digitization was built on key principles:
1. Consistent over channels and touchpoints
2. Personal where needed, automated when possible 
3. Differentiation in the front office, harmonised and standardised back-end process and technology


Results and value

To achieve greater efficiencies and differentiation in the front end, relevant aspects of the back office, such as invoicing, payroll, and recruitment processes, are harmonized based on the envisioned technological roadmap and integration plan.


"Working very closely with all teams of Umon, the future is taking shape"

Geert-Jan Hoge
Digital Accelorator

About Umon

UMON is the mother company with strong labels like OnlyHuman, DUX, and Zeelenberg: specialists in recruitment and selection, executive (non-profit) search, and interim management for professionals in the public sector. Always for the human touch and with the aim that people and organisations take each other further.

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