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Designing and realising a trustworthy D2C preventive diagnostic service that provides insights into personal health status.

Direct Diagnostics' goal is to transform the healthcare system from disease control to disease prevention.

By encouraging and giving people tools to take control of a healthy lifestyle. Our key challenge was defining the foundation and approach for the D2C platform launch, integrating content planning, platform design, and go-to-market strategies across multiple channels seamlessly.

"Very happy with the orchestration of Full Force Digital in the realisation of the digital backbone, that allows direct interaction with customers"

Elsemieke Hackenitz
CEO Direct Diagnostics (Sanquin)

Making it happen

We supported the setup and launch of a D2C platform and provided essential building blocks, including content planning and coordination based on customer journeys. Designing, developing, and configuring the platform to accommodate content, data, and order management flows. Design go-to-market strategies for the launch on various channels: Web, E-commerce, CRM, and Social.


Results and value

Our expertise and orchestration ensured that all functionalities were delivered in time, leading to a complete launch of the start-up, and enabling direct customer interaction.


"A great journey to contribute to the purpose and the creation value; all by tapping into consumer needs based on core competences of Sanquin"

Eric van der Hoeven
Founding Partner and Digital Business Accelerator

About Direct Diagnostics supported by Sanquin

Direct Diagnostics was founded in Sanquin’s innovation department and is driven by the encouragement of people to take control of their lifestyles and incorporate healthier habits. Based on the belief that everyone should always be able to gain insight into their health. With the purpose of contributing to living a longer, healthier life.

Direct Diagnostics works closely with Sanquin Research and Sanquin Diagnostics, which ensures a constant awareness of new scientific developments.

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