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Streamlining the request for visual assets to publication: a more automated way of working

Rituals' focus on growing digital commerce led to the 'content explosion' required to fill all Product Detail Pages with immersive and relevant visual assets.

To manage this scale effectively, clear processes, defined roles and responsibilities and automation became essential. 
Another requirement was to have all visual assets completed with metadata, enabling the content automation track (see other Rituals case) and also part of the overall Content Transformation Program.

“Rituals is well known and loved by its consumers for consistently introducing new products. This combined with the re-design of all the product detail pages, led to updating processes and considering a workflow tool to streamline the workload effectively.”

Making it happen

Full Force Digital designed a comprehensive process for content briefing, review, approval, and ingestion into the DAM system. Meanwhile taking the business's technological capabilities and user preferences into account. We then conducted a Request for Proposal (RFP) to select a workflow tool that aligns with the design, and we created user stories to ensure smooth implementation.


Results and value

We delivered three expertly detailed workflow designs and user stories, ready for configuration into the preferred workflow tool, based on the completed RFP. This workflow design, user stories, and RFP selection provide the business with an effective and scalable solution that ensures the quality of content produced, while also driving operational efficiency.


"Creating an innovative process design is not solely focused on technological advancements; it also revolves around empowering employees through clarity and usability. At Rituals, the created process design paved the way for a seamless implementation of technology while accelerating employees."

Marialisa van de Poll
Digital Project Manager

About Rituals

Rituals is a Dutch-based beauty brand that offers a range of luxurious and holistic products for the body and home. Their products are inspired by Eastern traditions and use natural ingredients to enhance overall well-being. The brand is committed to sustainability and has initiatives in place to reduce its environmental impact, including using recycled materials in packaging and supporting reforestation projects.

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