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Transitioning from a monolith to a composable E-commerce architecture. Unlocking agility and adaptability.

Ensuring the success of Rituals' omni-channel e-commerce landscape by crafting a memorable online selling ceremony, offering exceptional content and performance.

Effectively managing the MarTech landscape is vital and a key enabler for the delivery of the ultimate customer experience.

“To achieve ambitious growth goals, it is crucial to have a robust MarTech infrastructure in place. Full Force Digital provided expert advice, coordinated efforts, and successfully implemented a composable, future-ready architecture.”

Making it happen

Full Force Digital orchestrates this optimization process by designing future architecture, coordinating with stakeholders, and guiding the journey towards the end goal. This includes implementing headless CMS, automating DAM processes, enhancing enterprise search capabilities, and delivering a PIM solution and progressive web apps.


Results and value

As a result, Rituals has effectively accomplished centralized management of all channels from a single source, leading to notable simplification and elimination of redundancies, while simultaneously enhancing quality. This comprehensive approach ensures that all customer touchpoints, including their flagship webstore, are being optimized to cater to future requirements.


"Architects are frequently brought in when problems arise and it is already too late. However, Rituals has recognized early on that their existing digital infrastructure would not support their anticipated future expansion, they sought guidance from FFD at precisely the right moment."

Robert-Jan Gijsbertsen
Enterprise Architect

About Rituals

Rituals is a Dutch-based beauty brand that offers a range of luxurious and holistic products for the body and home. Their products are inspired by Eastern traditions and use natural ingredients to enhance overall well-being. The brand is committed to sustainability and has initiatives in place to reduce its environmental impact, including using recycled materials in packaging and supporting reforestation projects.

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