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Publishing to all end-points from one single source on the Digital Asset Management system (DAM)

The challenge was to create a clean and efficient solution for all digital assets to be published seamlessly across all endpoints being web, app, and in-store.

The goal was to have a single high-resolution asset, enriched with accurate metadata and taxonomy.

“At Rituals being innovative is part of our high standards. This whilst keeping the speed and guarding our brand quality within every step along the way. DAM is our digital journey of success where all teams over the world can experience the soul of our brand through our creative assets.”

Anne-Claire van Veen
General Manager Creative Agency

Making it happen

Our vision for Rituals' Content Transformation Program drove the requirements for a suitable DAM solution. From there, Full Force Digital orchestrated every step of the process, including tool selection, implementation, data modeling, and process design.


Results and value

As a result, Rituals now has complete control over the assets in the DAM and its consistency across all internal and external endpoints like wholesale partners and to social. Our solution has greatly reduced manual labor by automating re-sizing and versioning, allowing a wider user audience to utilize high-end assets and encouraging asset reuse instead of creating new ones.


"The DAM system at Rituals has become the core of all content-related operations, from uploading and tagging the assets to smart cropping and distribution to all end-points and serving multiple departments."

Paul Visser
Digital Accelerator

About Rituals

Rituals is a Dutch-based beauty brand that offers a range of luxurious and holistic products for the body and home. Their products are inspired by Eastern traditions and use natural ingredients to enhance overall well-being. The brand is committed to sustainability and has initiatives in place to reduce its environmental impact, including using recycled materials in packaging and supporting reforestation projects.

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