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Driving the initial phase to set up a full-service mobility platform

With an extensive range of mobility services and products, Louwman aims to establish a full-service Mobility platform for all its offerings.

The objective is to integrate with various Louwman propositions, as well as external solutions, ensuring effortless accessibility and convenience. The initial offering that utilizes this platform is DRIVEN.

"With the initial Set-up of DRIVEN we made a good start with the generic services for future propositions"

Michael van Doremalen
Technology Officer

Making it happen

DRIVEN is a centralized portal for employees and employers to manage all their mobility needs in one place. Full Force Digital managed the gathering of requirements, establishing the MVP, and creating a roadmap. Throughout this process, the focus was on ensuring compatibility with the mobility platform for future syndication to other propositions.


Results and value

Full Force Digital guided Louwman in kicking off the first phase of the Mobility platform. DRIVEN is ready to be launched and the roadmap has been defined.
As soon as DRIVEN is live, Louwman has a proper basis for the use of generic services for other propositions.


"Everyone at Louwman is deeply passionate about mobility and possesses a wealth of knowledge that they constantly strive to leverage in order to enhance the mobility experience for their customers. With the creation of this mobility platform, I am sure they will become the leader in mobility"

Robert Frank
Digital Accelerator

About Louwman

Louwman Group, established in 1923, is a Dutch family-owned business, importing for automobile brands such as Toyota, Lexus, Morgan, and Suzuki. With the passion of 'moving' people, they have grown to one of the leaders in mobility. With this 100 years of experience, they are now on a mission to provide 'Mobility for Life'. They promise to make everyday life more fun, easier, and more productive with innovative and forward-looking mobility solutions. For everyone, at every stage of life. Even if you are less mobile.

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