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An open science education platform granting access to the latest science in nutrition and health and connects healthcare providers from around the world generating discussion to advance the field of nutrition.

The Danone Nutricia Campus aims to independently advance nutrition through knowledge discovery, scientific insights, and medical education for healthcare professionals.

The launch was accompanied by an engagement plan and a technology roadmap.

“A very relevant and innovative way to continue to grow knowledge and insights of healthcare professionals”

Katrien van Laere
VP Medical & Scientific Affairs and Market Access, Specialised Nutrition at Danone

Making it happen

Building an HCP knowledge portal that provides a relevant and personalised selection of medical scientific articles and presentations, based on individual profiles and content consumption. Orchestrating the creation of the platform, integrating Digital Asset Management, and ensuring content quality and availability as well as legal solidity.


Results and value

After a successful MVP and first step on the content factory, all users in the multiple business units were able to work with the platform and contribute content and feature requests to the further development of the platform. 
The initial platform was based on out-of-the-box technology to test feasibility and HCP engagement. According to the roadmap, the 2nd generation of the platform will be launched by the internal Danone/Nutricia team


“What made this a special project was the fact it was initiated by a team of professionals with a genuine intent to share knowledge and understanding of the role of nutrition in a patient's recovery process."

Rens Pels
Founding partner and Digital Accelerator

About Nutricia

The Danone Nutricia Campus Stichting (foundation) is a not-for-profit entity created in 2021 by Danone with external nutrition experts. The foundation is led by an independent board of medical experts to advance nutrition by growing knowledge, insights, and education of healthcare professionals.

The foundation oversees the Danone Nutricia Campus open science education platform, where the latest science, nutrition, health, and patient care is shared, and in doing so, connects healthcare providers from around the world to generate meaningful scientific conversations.

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