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Creating a consumer experience business for a global leader in early-life nutrition

Contribute to the growth strategy by implementing a data-driven and consumer-centric journey strategy.

Where automated content is able to sharply address the most promising touchpoints in the Consumer Value Journey.

“The team has designed and delivered the foundation of the future business model. Consumer centricity is at the heart of the services offered. Made possible by combining data, technology, insights, and smart modeling“

Bridgette Heller
President Danone Early Life Nutrition

Making it happen

To succeed, we analyzed and modeled complex multi-functional aspects. We orchestrated data, profiles, content, and technology to deliver a unique e-business proposition. The project advanced through multiple proof points prior to the global rollout, accommodating different organizations and maturity levels with a mix of central solutions and local options.


Results and value

The combination of deep data- and content knowledge and executive business views drove this complete digital transformation from strategy to implementation, contributing to the delivery of double growth vs. average market growth.


"Extremely exciting to develop a global journey model based on proof of delivery per unique experience over different touchpoints."

Eric van der Hoeven
Founding Partner and Digital Business Accelerator

About Danone

Danone Specialized Nutrition comprises Early Life Nutrition (ELN) and Advanced Medical Nutrition (AMN). These two businesses represent a portfolio of science-based nutritional solutions designed to positively impact health through food for people who need it most, and at the most critical times of their lives, from preterm infants to old age.

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