For mass and made-to-measure: Atomic Content is the solution

In the dynamic landscape of increasing customer expectations and ever evolving technologies, the demand for relevant product and brand experiences are on the rise. To meet these demands, companies continue to strive to align with customer expectations by delivering precisely targeted content, at the right time, location, and context.

Marco Fredriksen
Marco Fredriksen
Founding partner

For brand owners, this often translates into the need to generate a wide range of content variations that align with the customer profile. All while operating manually within a siloed and complex organizational structure. This pursuit poses challenges as it can escalate in terms of both cost, magnitude, complexity, and degraded content quality.

Mastering omnichannel content differentiation across customer segments or individual customers at scale is therefore a challenge for many corporations; whilst being the core of customer impact and relevancy.

A game-changing approach is needed to address these challenges:

Intelligent Atomic Content

Intelligent Atomic Content conceptually operates on a dual foundation:

A picture or video is no longer a flat file. It is an image that is composed out of a selection of specific layers that are available in the master-file (that holds many layers for personalisation purposes).

The selection of layers is an automated process, based on data triggers to create the relevant version.

This approach allows for the dynamic and automated combination of layers or 'atoms’, within content files. And thus, yielding an almost boundless array of content asset variations embedded in one enriching piece of content. Triggering these layers via external customer data triggers results in on the fly real time content differentiation. As a result, less, yet more versatile, assets are created.

By enriching each layer with relevant data as ‘tags that can respond to external triggers’, content gains the ability to configure itself intelligently. This self-configuration depends on contextual factors or known characteristics of the consumer such as a customer profile and behavior. Delivering personalized product experiences while decreasing complexity, work-, and data-overload.

In addition, AI-driven logic is embedded in these files, enhancing the ability to meet the content needs of a specific customer by generating additional content layers in an automated way or enabling automated testing to optimize the configuration and behaviour of layers.

In cases where it adds value, quality, or agility, you can go even further adding Computer Generated Imaging for product images and AI generated background settings to the mix, replacing costly traditional photography with modular virtually created products, further maximising the content’s ability to adapt on demand.

This approach redefines the concept of "The Single Source of Truth”.

From a technical standpoint, this concept relies on an integrated content and data approach often housed in Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM) systems, pricing databases and recommendation engines. Content briefing, creation, localization, and publishing is now managed and automated via Workflow tooling which is tightly integrated in the content and data back-end.

To operationalize and scale this concept, organisations need to make sure that marketing governance, capabilities and operational practices align with this level of automation. If so, you bring the end-to-end Content Value Chain to life, both technically and operationally.

The power of all this lies in its universal applicability and accessibility. Making the concept of Intelligent Atomic Content suitable for any company with the ambition to transform into a customer centric, digital first organization. No matter the current marketing maturity, technology landscape or customer engagement strategy.

Welcome to the future of Atomic Content, where innovation, people and automation converge for unparalleled digital marketing impact and business value driving efficiency, effectiveness, and customer impact. Laying the foundation for immersive customer experiences and a new digital reality.